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Istanbul, Turkey
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Composite Filling

Teeth rot, crack or break in cases where protective measures are not taken adequately and controls are not made at frequent intervals. When these problems occur, filling becomes inevitable. Filling is the general name of treatment methods applied for different purposes. The clearest answer to the question of what is a composite filling may be aesthetic touches applied to the teeth in a sense. Such fillings are classified as resin fillings. The treatment process is planned after the patient who applied to our clinic with the complaint of deterioration in tooth structure, undergoes routine screening and X-ray is taken. If there is no need for different treatments for the tooth, if it can only be saved with filling, we return the patient’s quality of life and at the same time a healthy smile in a short time.

What is Composite Filling?

Composite filling, also known as resin fillings, which is called aesthetic intervention for teeth, is a substance obtained from a mixture of certain chemicals and ceramics. At the same time, it has the features closest to the tooth structure. When applied by healthy and expert hands, the person can have a tooth that is not much different from his own teeth and has the opportunity to chew comfortably.

If the patient who has damaged teeth and applied to our clinic has cavities other than fractures or cracks during the controls, our expert team first focuses on this problem.

How is Composite Filling Made?

After the tooth is meticulously cleaned and purified from the inflamed structure, the main process begins. After the cleaning and the arrangements in the tooth structure are made completely, the filling process begins.

First of all, the area inside the cleaned tooth is filled with filling material. Then, the composite filling treatment, which means restoring the damage around the tooth, is started. It is very important that the composite is placed in accordance with the original tooth. Our clinic guarantees healthy results in this field.
The filling, which is placed in a way that makes the tooth function perfectly, is guaranteed by going through different processes. The first of these is the bite test. It is of great importance that the teeth fit together and that there are no protrusions. Our expert team repeats the bite test until the perfect result is achieved. It eliminates possible problems close to the end of the process by shaving method.

Composite Fill Life

It is normal to experience some sensitivity after composite filling. These include hot and cold sensitivities. In such cases, there is no need to be alarmed. Our physicians provide detailed information about possible problems that the patient may encounter after the filling procedure. What we want from our patient is not to worry about the negativities to be experienced after the filling and to give time to his teeth. A healthy use of the filler is directly proportional to following the post-procedure care instructions. Our physicians clearly explain to our patients how and at what intervals they should care. The level of compliance with the care instructions received from our specialist physicians is the factor that determines the life of the filler.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how composite filling is made, and if you want to learn about its prices, we welcome you to our clinic.

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