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Istanbul, Turkey
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Detertage / Curettage

We take our place with you with our expert service in the field of oral and dental health. We provide you with many treatments and applications in this field. One of them is the detertrage / curettage application. With this service, which appears as a dental cleaning application, patients have the chance to achieve the oral health they want in a short time. As you know, teeth and gums need to be cleaned regularly. If the necessary maintenance is not done, the residues accumulated on the teeth will produce bacteria and accordingly dental calculus will occur. It is determined as the biggest cause of conditions such as tartar, dental caries and gingivitis. It damages the dental tissue to a great extent after the necessary cleaning is not done to the tartar and during the period it stays on the tooth. Patients who do not want to have dental and gum problems in any way will need to go to a regular check-up and have dental scaling cleaned. Other factors affecting the dental calculus problem; saliva, insufficient oral care, wrong tooth brushing.

How is Detection or Curettage Performed?
These procedures, also known as dental calculus cleaning, are carried out within a short period of time in our organization. For calculus cleaning, that is, detertage / curettage, we first perform the internal oral examination of the patients.

During the examination, details such as whether there is any gingival problem are examined, while factors such as the level of cleaning are also determined. The dental scaling procedures we perform do not require anesthesia or anything else. We perform the cleaning of calculus easily with the highest quality and up-to-date tools.

During the procedure, tartar cleaning is carried out between the teeth and over the gum line. After all processes are completed, polishing is applied in order to prevent this situation from happening again. If necessary, the cleaning process is continued by using materials such as dental floss on our patient.

Depending on the condition of the disease, there may be situations such as cleaning the teeth or tooth root surfaces. If there is such a situation, we first carry out our operations in a controlled manner. Thus, the detertrage / curettage process will be completed successfully.

Advantages of Detertrage or Curettage Treatment
In line with the processes we have carried out, dental calculus cleaning is carried out in the best way. Our patients get the result they want in a short time. If this situation is neglected, many serious dental problems occur, especially gingival recession.

In fact, situations such as tooth loss occur and there are unpleasant processes in terms of aesthetics and health. Patients gain many advantages with the detertrage or curettage procedure. These advantages are as follows:

-Conditions such as tooth decay are prevented.
-Problems such as gum recession end.
-Problems such as gum and bone inflammation are eliminated.
-Problems such as bad breath caused by gum problems will end.
-Oral and dental health will be provided.

As a result, oral and dental health is an issue that we should all care about. You can contact us about this issue, especially if you are experiencing dental calculus problems. With the detertage/curettage procedure that we will apply to you, you will have healthy teeth.

Our patients are happy and healthy