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Zirconium Crown

Zirconium crown is one of the treatment methods that gives one of the most effective results in dental aesthetics. It is the most preferred natural tooth veneer method with its success in durability and tissue compatibility. With zirconium crowns, it gives you a healthy and aesthetic smile while removing your existing tooth losses. It gives you a comfortable and familiar feeling by obtaining a natural result like your own teeth. In this treatment method, white infrastructure material is used instead of metal as infrastructure material.

Application Areas of Zirconium Crowns
You can combat aesthetic disorders in the teeth with many treatment methods. For this, one of the most preferred treatment methods is this treatment method. This treatment method offers you a natural look. Well, in which situations is zirconium crown used?

-For your split teeth,
If your teeth have been cut beforehand,

in your broken teeth,
-In the process of removing the dark line caused by the metal-supported coating inside your mouth,
-In the correction of the disturbing appearance caused by your fillings whose color and structure have deteriorated,
-In the elimination of your tooth crookedness,
-When you are faced with the loss of material in your teeth that the filling cannot be a solution,

This method of treatment is applied. Our doctors apply the most appropriate treatment for your oral health.

How Much Does a Zirconium Crown Cost?

This treatment method eliminates the disturbing appearance of the teeth and offers you a more beautiful smile with an aesthetic appearance. Zirconium prices vary from person to person, due to the specific application of them.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Crowns?

Zirconium is preferred in many dental treatment methods. The zirconium crown, which you can choose for your existing dental ailments, offers you an aesthetic appearance. What are the advantages of zirconium?

-With zirconium, you get the closest look to your natural tooth appearance.
-If you are allergic to metal, it is the best treatment method in this regard.
-Compared to other treatment methods, fewer parts of your teeth are reduced, allowing less tooth loss.
-Since there is no tooth cut in the zirconium application, you do not have any tooth sensitivity to cold or hot foods.
-Zirconium veneer becomes more compatible with your gums when compared to other metal-supported veneers.
-Traces of gray color caused by metal at the gingival border are not present in zirconium. Therefore, it offers a more aesthetic appearance.
-Since it is in a structure compatible with the gingiva, the probability of facing gingival recession problems that will occur in the future after zirconium crown treatment is at a lower level.
-The color change that occurs due to the beverages you consume such as tea and coffee is very unlikely to occur in zirconium.

These are the advantages of zirconium treatment. Thanks to these advantages, you will have a more natural appearance.

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