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Resection studies are needed for infections that occur in the root of the tooth. Root canal treatment should be applied because the inflammation of the tooth will pave the way for decay. However, in some cases, the root canal treatment that we will apply to the patient may not be sufficient. At such times, it may be necessary to apply for root tip surgery immediately after root canal treatment. We decide which treatment process is the most appropriate for the patients and put it into practice without any problems. With the process to be carried out by our specialist dentist, the tooth recovery operation is activated. Thus, you will not encounter reactions such as tooth loss and further increase in dental problems.

What is Resection Surgery?

It is the process of removing the inflamed area of the root of the tooth in the bone. We carefully perform minor surgery that directly takes the root tip of the tooth. Thus, the inflamed part that jumps towards the root of the tooth is removed and the formation of major problems such as tooth decay is prevented.
Because when you do not apply this method, tooth loss problems will begin to emerge. As a specialist physician, we immediately intervene in these cases.

How to Root Tip?

Another name for root-end gingivitis is the apical process. Patients may wonder how this operation on the root tip is done. If we need to give information about how root tip resection is done:

-We numb the area by using regional and local anesthesia.
-The root tip is pulled outwards by carefully cutting the gum.
-The cyst and infectious tissues surrounding the area are excised.
-The root canal is cleaned and refilled.
-After the gingiva is placed in place, sutures are taken.

As an orthodontist, we complete the operation in the best way possible. You will never encounter a negative situation and you will ensure a safe operation.

Is the Apical Process Painful?

With a wide range of services, we solve all the problems you have with your teeth and gums. We can say that patients who will undergo apical resection are worried about feeling pain. However, since your procedure will be performed under local anesthesia, you will not experience problems such as pain and pain during the operation.

What Happens If Resection Is Not Performed?
Our surgical intervention on the root tip of the tooth is extremely important. If you do not benefit from these treatments, swelling will occur in the gums over time. The formation of acne and inflammation in the gums will increase. If the inflammation in the root of the tooth is not removed, both the pain and the feeling of pain will begin to increase too much. As a result, this leads to a decrease in the quality of life of patients.

Resection Prices and Appointment Process

In order to eliminate inflammation problems at the root tip of the tooth, a resection operation should be performed. In order to have this procedure done as soon as possible, you should make an appointment with our surgery clinic. At the same time, you may wonder how much you will pay in terms of price. When you contact, you will be informed how much the patients will pay for this procedure. You can get answers to all your questions such as treatment, examination and price.

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