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Istanbul, Turkey
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Emax Crowns

Emax crown is the name given to the treatment method by reducing the structure of the tooth in a general way and covering it with emax porcelain. Emax can be used as a crown infrastructure as well as as a single piece in treatments. It is preferred as a veneer for canines, incisors and premolars. In addition, this treatment method is chosen for an aesthetic purpose. Emax crown, which is also used to complete your existing tooth losses, is generally in high demand due to its high light transmittance and its structural resemblance to natural teeth. Because it offers a natural appearance, our physicians apply this treatment for a better smile.

How is Emax Crown Type Decided?

This treatment method, which is frequently preferred due to its natural tooth appearance, performs a special work for you by our dentists. As a result, it decides on the most suitable porcelain type for you. In the following processes, molding processes take place. At the end of the procedure, you will leave our clinic satisfied with your tooth structure and smile.

How is Emax Crown Applied?
Emax crown, which is one of the treatment methods applied for dental treatment, is a very preferred treatment method. This veneer, which is similar to natural teeth, is preferred by many people. Emax is made with a CAD-CAM bur system. High quality monolithic lithium disylate block material is preferred as the material in the production stages. As a general treatment method;

-In this treatment process applied by our specialist dentists, first of all, the thin layer on the person’s own tooth structure is removed.
-In the next stage, both classical methods and technological methods are preferred and the most suitable tooth model is created.
-Emax crown veneers are produced specially for each person. While it is produced individually, the monolithic block of lithium disilicate is cut with the help of a milling machine. Therefore, the coating consists of a single block. In this way, the crown is produced in suitable sizes for you. After these procedures, it is sent to specialist dentists. During the treatment, the emax crown ceramic tooth is applied to the natural tooth.
-The number of sessions of this treatment varies according to your characteristics and conditions. After the treatment procedures are applied, our specialist dentists will tell you about the care you need to do.
With this treatment applied in stages, everyone has the opportunity to have a beautiful smile. With the aesthetic appearance you have, you can spread happy smiles around you.

How Much Are Emax Crowns Prices?

The costs of this coating process are directly proportional to the quality of the material to be used. In addition, the workmanship and the purchase of these coatings from the producing place also change the price issue. In addition, the fee varies according to the dental structure of the patients.

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