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Night Plaque

Clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth in the state of unconscious sleep is a problem seen in most people and the solution is to use night plates. This discomfort, which can cause important dental problems, is eliminated thanks to simple but functional plaques.

What is Night Plaque?

Depending on the person’s lifestyle, genetics or other reasons, bruxism, known as the problem of clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth, can be seen during sleep. This starts with wear on the teeth caused by clenching and friction, and brings with it greater oral health problems. This situation creates a serious problem not only for the person experiencing the problem, but also for the partner, if any: Due to the unconscious grinding of teeth until the morning, the health of the people as well as the relationships can deteriorate. However, it is possible to bury this problem in history with the night plate, which is among the health services we offer.

Those who experience such a problem should consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible. Night plaque is a method that can be applied to all people who have this problem. After the examination by the specialist physician, it is decided whether to apply this treatment or not. After the physician’s decision, the person’s mouth is modeled and molded. With this method, the person’s tooth and jaw structure is modeled exactly and night plaque production is carried out. This manufacture; Thanks to the developing medical technologies, it is made by using the material that will not cause discomfort to the user and will provide the fastest adaptation.

Does Night Plaque Cause Pain?

It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the physicians during the use of plaque, which is modeled exactly according to the person’s jaw and tooth structure. Some people need a period of getting used to this treatment method in order to get rid of the discomfort that wears out the teeth and can cause very serious damage to its structure. Although it is designed to not cause any discomfort, sleeping with a foreign substance in the mouth causes an adaptation process from time to time. Considering the effects of the disease and following the advice of physicians, using a plaque while sleeping for the specified period is considered a healthy way.
This health product, which is placed well on the teeth just before sleeping after daily oral care, prevents the teeth from rubbing against each other and also minimizes the impact with its silicone structure in jaw contractions. In this way, the person can prevent tooth damage caused by him unconsciously. Thanks to this treatment, the sleep quality of both the person and the partner, if any, will increase, and it will also ensure a healthier life. What the person should do is to use the plaque regularly by following the recommendations of the physician and to store it hygienically in the box given to him when not in use.

It is possible with this treatment to end the jaw and headaches caused by bruxism. Night plate, which is a treatment method that will increase the quality of life of the person when used regularly in line with the recommendations, is among the services we offer. You can visit our clinic to get information about personalized plaque prices or the treatment process.

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