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Istanbul, Turkey
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Tooth Stone Cleaning

One of the most important stages of oral health, on which nutrition, which is the basis of life, and therefore the whole quality of life depends, is the dental scaling process. Although its importance is not known by most people, tartar cleaning is the most important part of oral health.

How Is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

Tartar, known as calculus in general usage, forms a hardened layer on the tooth enamel over time. Tartar, which begins to form over time in the area where the tooth meets the meat, due to reasons such as not performing regular oral care, diet, and genetic factors, can be a harbinger of oral health problems that may grow. Tartar, which forms on the tooth enamel, causes gingival disorders over time, which in turn causes greater dental and gingival disorders. Even with regular oral care, the formation of tartar cannot be prevented in some cases.

Making dental check-up a part of your life means that unwanted problems such as tartar will be eliminated with early intervention. Dental calculus cleaning is not a process that a person can do on his/her own and requires physician intervention. During tartar formation, that is, tartar cleaning, which is among the services we provide, specialist physicians use today’s latest technological devices. Specialist physicians clean this layer from time to time with rays and from time to time with special devices with rotating heads without damaging the tooth enamel and meat. Then, a treatment that will take care of the tooth enamel is applied.

How should the care after tartar cleaning be?

Teeth cleaning is an application whose details are clear after the examination of the specialist. Because after determining the details that require expertise such as the formation of tartar, the shape and time of the layer, the application can be made. After the dental calculus cleaning, which is recommended to be done with routine controls and at intervals to be determined by the physicians, some duties fall on the person. Smoking, which has a significant effect on tartar formation, is extremely harmful, especially for the teeth being cleaned. In addition, dark-colored beverages such as coffee, tea or cola cause permanent discoloration of the teeth. Especially after gingival cleaning, these drinks and cigarettes should be strictly avoided by following the advice of the physician.

It is normal to develop sensitivity in the gums and teeth after gingival cleaning. It is recommended to avoid very cold and very hot drinks that are felt in the first few days. The most important rule to follow after having this procedure is to never neglect oral health. Making personal oral care routine causes not only tartar, but also undesirable results such as bad breath and dental and gum diseases that may progress. For this reason, dental check-ups should be made routine as well as oral care, and support should always be sought from a specialist.

Since interventions such as tartar cleaning are a medical procedure, it is recommended to stay away from unconscious people or mixtures of unknown content. It is enough to contact us for price information, treatment methods or to make an appointment for dental scaling cleaning, which is one of the services we offer.

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