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Implant Treatment

When dental problems occur, we intervene as a dental surgeon. Since implant treatment is a surgical procedure, you should seek service from a specialist. We ensure that this treatment is carried out without any problems with our specialists who are competent and have sufficient equipment. While tooth loss occurs over time, implant procedures are needed to eliminate these tooth losses. The metal and nail materials that we attach to the tooth roots help to complete the missing teeth.

What Does Implant Treatment Do?

Our specialist dentists, who offer professional solutions for the protection of dental health, perform implant procedures. The main purpose of implant procedures; It is the recovery of the lost appearance of the person. Since you will regain the chewing functions that you have lost, you will have the chance to increase your quality of life even more. Our competent experts help restore smile aesthetics.

How Long Does Implant Dental Treatment Take?

Patients who will have an implant, one of the dental treatment procedures, wonder how long it takes. Our expert surgeons, who perform implant treatment studies perfectly, may need additional procedures to increase bone quality. Regarding the implant, the number of implants in the process may vary from patient to patient. In addition, when we conduct an examination study on the patient, we decide whether an additional procedure should be performed on the bone tissue.

When we examine this whole process, we can say that implant procedures take about 3 months on average. However, depending on the bone structure of the patient, this can sometimes last up to two weeks, sometimes up to 6 months.

Who Is Implant Dental Treatment Performed?

In order to perform implant procedures, the patient must have problems such as tooth loss, smile defect. You can get support from implant procedures for negative situations such as single or complete tooth loss.
By providing the best services in this regard, we ensure that the aesthetic appearance of the teeth is revealed again. You can have an aesthetic appearance again with our specialist physicians who are very successful in the field of implant treatment.

Examination for Implant Dental Treatment 

Examination is very important for those who will have an implant procedure. For this reason, you will be able to get the most effective results after the examinations you will do in our clinic. Before transitioning to the implant process, we first perform an examination. In this way, a determination is made about whether the patient is suitable for the implant.
At the same time, apart from the examination, in our clinic, support is obtained from panoramic radiography and tomography, which is a three-dimensional image. In a way, modeling is done regarding the tooth. A decision process is made regarding which treatment and brand to be applied for the patient.

Make an Appointment for Implant Treatment 

Today, implant is the most used technique in tooth loss. With this technique, our patients have strong and long-lasting teeth. If you have tooth loss, it is very easy to do.
You can request a single or complete dental correction. For this reason, all you need to do is to make an appointment for Implant treatment. In this way, you ensure that the implant treatment is carried out carefully by our dentists.

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