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Teeth whitening is performed by our dentists in clinical settings. Both in the clinic and methods that start in the clinic and continue at home are used.

What is Teeth Whitening?

The tooth is one of the most aesthetic parts of the body. It is known that it increases the self-esteem and self-confidence of the person when it is well-groomed, healthy and shining. However, even if oral care is given properly, it starts to become darker or even turn yellow over time due to years of smoking habit, consumption of dark-colored beverages such as tea, coffee or food dyes such as cola. Although the frequency and amount of use of these products are effective, some of these stains penetrate the structure of the tooth and spoil its natural color if timely measures are not taken.

Changing the color of the teeth is also a problem encountered in cases such as illness and drug use, without being exposed to external factors. Teeth whitening, which is one of the services we offer, is applied by our specialist physicians. Although it is perceived as a simple procedure, this treatment is an application that requires medical knowledge and skills and should be done in clinical settings. There are different and effective methods available for this application.

Teeth Whitening Methods

With these treatment methods, we aim to return your teeth to their own color by using materials and devices suitable for tooth enamel and human health.

-Office Type Whitening: This treatment method is applied by our dentists in the clinic. The application, which takes about an hour, is very suitable for patients with time constraints. Our dentists apply gels and rays for about an hour to reach the desired color of the teeth. The beam, which is specially designed for this process, is used to stabilize the tooth color by activating the applied gel.

-Home Type Whitening: In this treatment process, we include the home life of the patient in the clinical treatment. After the radiation session applied by our physicians in the clinic, a mouthpiece is manufactured by taking the jaw mold of the patient. The patient squeezes the gel given by the dentist into the mold made suitable for his teeth every night before going to bed and falls asleep by putting it on his teeth. With this method, the desired whitening result is achieved by continuing the application between 4-6 hours a day for 8-10 days. The gels used in these treatment methods are safe for health.

How Long Does the Effect of Teeth Whitening Process Last?

One of the most frequently reported problems by many people is yellowing of the teeth. However, this problem ends with the whitening method. This process is done by offering convenience and effective solutions thanks to our current technologies.

It should be noted that a sensitive period is entered after the procedure. In line with the advice given by our dentists, beverages such as coffee and tea that leave permanent traces and contain food dyes should be avoided. If you want the white color to be preserved, you should especially avoid smoking. If the recommendations are followed, the treated teeth retain their effect for several years.

The prices of this treatment may vary depending on the method to be applied after the doctor’s control. We are waiting for you in our clinic to reach the result you want or dream about this treatment with our expert staff.

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