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Cyst Operation

Dental cyst operation is a procedure that should be performed by specialist surgeons. Since the cysts grow and spread very quickly, the operation should be performed. Because, due to the accumulation of fluid in the cyst, pain may occur with the formation of air and solid materials. The most important reason underlying the cyst problems in the teeth is the lack of oral hygiene. Cyst formations in the teeth can trigger many problems, from dental injuries to traumas. In such cases, cyst treatment must be done in order to prevent the problem from getting bigger. The operation process varies depending on the cyst size, difficulty and the cyst area.

What are the harms of a dental cyst?
Since there is damage to the dental cyst, the operation should be performed without wasting time. Because if the dental cyst operation is not performed, the following types of damages will likely come to light:

-The dental cyst shifts the locations of the jaw tissues in the area. This causes bone loss.
-Since the cysts can also absorb the neighboring teeth, they will cause the jaw area to be pushed outwards.
-It causes enlargement of the jawbone.

In order to avoid all these negative problems, you can benefit from our services immediately for cyst surgery.

How is Cyst Operation Performed?

Patients must know everything in detail about cyst surgery. All examinations and precautions are taken by our specialist physicians before cyst surgery is performed. We make recommendations for patients to take antibiotics before the operation. We provide information about the drugs that the patient should use before the surgery and what to do.

Our specialist surgical procedures proceed as follows when the cyst operation begins:

-Local or general anesthesia is applied to the area.
-In order to remove the cyst, which is located in the inner layer, the gum is first cut.
-Afterwards, we perform the cleaning process without damaging the surrounding tissues and nerves.
-The last stage is the sewing part of our operation.

After completing the cyst surgery, our patients must pay attention to their oral hygiene. It is important to fulfill the recommendations we will offer to our patients in order to avoid unwanted health problems for the mouth again.

How Many Days Does Jaw Cyst Surgery Heal?
The healing process of our patients who will have a jaw cyst may differ from person to person. However, if we need to give an average figure about the process in general, it can vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The time to pass for a cyst surgery will be a maximum of 2 hours. After the surgery is completed, our patients can return to their routine life within a period of 3-5 days.

Dental Cyst Operation Prices
Tooth cysts can be located inside the gingival layer or sometimes in the outer region. Naturally, the operation process may vary from person to person. Prices may vary depending on the process of the operation and treatment.
We offer solutions that will satisfy both the treatment and the price for the patients who come to our dental clinic. We offer all the professional work we can to perform dental cyst surgery with affordable prices. If you want to benefit from a service related to dental cyst operation, then you can make an appointment with our clinic.

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